The following information applies to all youth enrolled in community clubs through Washington County 4-H Youth Development.


  • 4-H YEAR:  A 4-H year runs from October 1st through the following September 30th.


  • MEMBERSHIP:  In accordance with the Civil Rights Act of 1964, membership in Washington County 4-H is open to all persons without regard to race, color, ethnic background, or economic circumstances and this organization does not operate on a segregated basis.


During the enrollment period, clubs should make a deliberate effort to make 4-H available to all eligible youth in their geographic area.


  • GRADE:  4-H members must be in K5 – 13th grade. Youth may enroll for one year after high school graduation.  

    • CLOVERBUDS:  Youth 5 years old and in K5 through second grade can be enrolled with the club as a Cloverbud. All Cloverbud members can exhibit at the fair in a Cloverbud division where a participation ribbon is awarded.  See Cloverbud Guidelines.


  • EXPLORING:  First year 4-H members (in 3rd or 4th grade) are recommended to enroll in the Exploring project in order to discover the wide range of project options available.


  • ENROLLMENT POLICIES:  New members are welcomed and encouraged to join 4-H at any time, however there are certain privileges and opportunities that come with registering by certain dates. Both returning and new members enroll via 4HOnline at

  1. Enrollment for the current year opens SEPTEMBER 5 on 4HOnline.

  2. Re-enrolling members must enroll using 4HOnline by NOVEMBER 1.

  3. DECEMBER 1 is the deadline for re-enrolling members to add livestock projects (beef, sheep, swine, and dairy) if wanting to exhibit livestock at the 2015 County Fair. It is also the deadline for new members to enroll and add livestock projects (beef, sheep, swine, and dairy) if wanting to exhibit livestock at 2016 County Fair.

  4. JANUARY 15 is the deadline for re-enrolling members to add non-livestock projects if wanting to exhibit in those projects at 2016 County Fair. It is also the deadline for dropping projects on 4HOnline on your own. If you drop after this date, you need to contact the UW-Extension Office to have a 4-H staff member do it for you.

  5. MARCH 1 is the deadline for new members to enroll and add non-livestock projects if wanting to exhibit in those projects at 2016 County Fair.

    *You can add projects outside these deadlines and exhibit at County Fair but you will not receive a premium in those project areas.


  • 4-H RECORD BOOKS:  Records for each project must be turned in to the organizational                                                            leader or project leader by the date the club sets.  Members who fail to turn in their record book will not earn an achievement pin.  Members who do not achieve may re-enroll the following year.


    During the first year of membership, a member receives a green 4-H record bookbinder. It should be used year after year.  If a new one is needed, the member can purchase one for $2.00.  Record sheets are provided for every member each year.  Members should keep records of their 4-H plans and activities. Leaders may set the date when members are to turn in their record books to them (usually in August). 


  • ASSOCIATE MEMBERS:  These are young people who enroll too late to complete a year's work, (anyone enrolling after MARCH 1). Associate members exhibiting at the Washington County Fair will be judged and awarded a ribbon placing without premium.  Associate members joining the following year will enroll as a member re-enrolling with zero years in 4-H indicated in their enrollment profile.  Associate members may participate in all local club functions, club and county project meetings, 4-H summer camp, and countywide events.  They may exhibit at the County Fair without receiving premiums.  Associate members are not eligible for county awards and trips or to participate in State Fair or any other award programs.


  • TRANSFER MEMBERS (County or State):  A transfer member should have a letter from their respective 4-H Youth Development Extension Staff in the previous county or state they lived in verifying that they are a member in good standing.


  • AWARD DEADLINES:    AUGUST 30 - Project Award Forms due to the UW-Extension Office.

                                            AUGUST 30 - Career Award Forms due to the UW-Extension Office.


  • ACHIEVEMENT PINS - Achievement pins are given to all members who complete the 4-H year.  Leaders request these in August.


  • AWARD PINS-COUNTY LEVEL - The Achievement & Recognition Committee selects members to receive county award pins based on members’ record books turned in by clubs in August.  All records to be considered for county awards are due at the UW-Extension Office by August 30.


  • SPECIAL OPPORTUNITIES AND AWARDS - There are several trips and awards for middle and high school age members.  They include Citizenship Washington Focus and National 4-H Conference in Washington D.C., Wisconsin 4-H & Youth Conference in Madison, the Wisconsin Key Award, the I Dare You Award, 4-H American Spirit, Space Camp, and National 4-H Congress in Atlanta. The application deadline is November 1.  Applicants should complete a resume, cover letter, and essay and submit an adult recommendation. The application packet is available on the Washington County 4-H website. Interviews are held in November.

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