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Washington County Kirchhayn Trotters 4-H make blankets for Children’s Hospital.

Jake Eickstedt was an lifelong active member in the Kirchhayn Trotters 4-H Club.  His favorite projects were Sheep, Shooting Sports, and Wood Working.

While in high school, Jake was diagnosed with Lymphoma and treated at Children’s Hospital of Milwaukee.  During his stay, he suggested our 4-H club make blankets for the sick kids at Children’s Hospital because they were always cold.  Starting in 2008, the Kirchhayn Trotters 4-H Club started making blankets for the kids at Children’s Hospital. For the first couple of years, Jake helped make the blankets until he died in a tragic work accident in 2011.

In Jake’s honor, the club continues to make blankets for Children’s Hospital.  As the number of blankets grew, we asked for help from the Washington County 4-H Shooting Sports program, as Jake was very involved in the shooting sports project. 

Since 2008 Kirchhayn Trotters 4-H Club and the Washington County 4-H Shooting Sports project have made over 1,000 blankets.

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