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Club members rules


Our 4-H year begins October 1, and ends September 30. The Kirchhayn Trotters 4-H Club meetings are held at St. John’s Lutheran Church located at 2881 Division Rd in Jackson on the 1st Thursday of each month, generally starting at 7:00 pm.  Any exceptions to the location, time, or date will be communicated to members via email prior to the meeting.

Rules for membership are:

  • Members must be 5 years of age as of December 31st, or in Kindergarten and may remain a member in the club one 4-H year following graduation from high school. Members aged 5-8 are considered Cloverbuds.

  • Members must give a demonstration at the club or project meeting or at the July project fair. (Cloverbuds are allowed to make an item and explain it at one of the project meetings)

  • Members must actively participate on at least one committee.

  • Members must participate on at least one club fundraiser

  • Members must participate on at least one club community service activity.

  • Members must be present for at least 50% of the club meetings during the year, based on when member enrolls. If a member is unable to attend a meeting, they will be excused, provided, the member contacts the general leader up to the day of the meeting. Notifications after the meeting will not be excused.

  • Exceptions to club attendance may be made for extenuating circumstances such as a member going away to college or an extended illness. Discretion for extended excused absences is made by the general leader.

  • Members must pay club dues. Dues are $8.00 per member (maximum $24 per family) and must be paid to the club at the time of enrollment.

  • Members must enroll at the Washington County Fair. Legitimate reasons for not exhibiting at the fair should be directed to the general leader so that alternate accommodations may be made.

  • Members must complete a record book for the year’s activities and turn it in to the club leader by August 15th.

  • Members must follow the 4-H code of conduct.

If a member meets these requirements, the member will receive the club year pin, will be eligible for club and county awards, will be able to exhibit at the Washington County Fair with the Kirchhayn Trotters Club name and will be reimbursed the cost of the season youth wristband/ticket for the Washington County Fair.

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